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You wrote that whole comment knowing this post was written by a combat veteran who served in the valley where Operation Redwings took place, right?

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James — And I just watched a clip from the film. I could go on but that list conveys the idea. That statement is not a fact. It is an opinion. The only thing factual about it that you have it and you stated it here for all to see. That you further expanded upon that opinion is a fact too. The reason why us lowly citizens desire to know, in fact sometimes demand to know what is going on is that 1.

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The Constitution makes us civilians master of the the military through our civilian elected representatives. You work for us. And nowadays, you volunteer to work for us so you know what you are getting into. In order for us to continue to enjoy our simple lives we will know the facts whether that complicates the lives of the military or not. The Founders thought all this very important in order to preclude the military tyrannizing the civilians. Us knowing the facts helps prevent that. Hi all, Talk about eating your own. I understand the search for truth but be careful, sometimes you might find it.

I have read Lone Survivor and have seen the film. The truth I think is somewhere in between the books. I feel the most important thing about the story is the families of the fallen, and some of the posting here does a real disservice to the memories of their loved ones. Sometimes the truth is not that important as you might think. Ask yourself, How did the truth work out for the Tillmans?

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In regards to Murphy asking for a vote and some posters feeling its unbelievable. I know that when I moved into a smaller elite unit I did lead differently than when I had a bunch of rookies. So I can understand Murphy asking for input. For that he should be commended.

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I would much rather have Luttrell looking out for my family than some of these posters. That time spent painting will give my battered self-esteem time to recover I hope. The thing being discussed is a military operation undertaken in the name of the United States. It should be discussed and evaluated with that in mind. As such the truth of the matter should not be withheld because to do so would take away from the ability of the citizens of the United States to judge whether things as they occurred were of benefit to us and our country.

The truth is more important that any of us can know.

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As a police officer, your job is finding the truth as best you can. That is what the people expect and pay you for. The truth did indeed work out very badly for the Tillmans. I would just like to thank you guys for your research into this whole account. We all know as military guys we can pick apart a movie from uniforms to procedures and equipment used in the making there of.

To me this movie falls apart when these actors are falling off cliffs with bone crushing, neck breaking intensity and my friends comments throughout the movie is why I took interest in the facts. We also work where Lt. Most of the crew that works there are veterans from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and every conflict in between, from served a few years to active duty retired me and take great interest in these matters.

The falsehoods portrayed from differences between book, script and movie has bothered me and I think the differences take away from the deaths to all involved and makes me wonder if it was all worth these guys lives just as some in the media have thought,shit happens and they are gone! I think every Vet saw that coming and the same will happen in Afghanistan just as soon. I am not passing judgement on the bravery of anyone involved just the accuracy of the movie itself and I am disappointed. I thank you guys for you diligence and research, please keep it up.

Eric C You got info wrong in your own comment here, so that means judging you by what you are using to judge the book, you have been completely discredited. Remember, he got the name wrong? It was such a huge deal to you, and yet you did the same in the below quote. I understand that one of the authors served, and served in a similar area, albeit a few years alter and has some credibility and knowledge of the area in Afghanistan. However, I find it personally in bad taste to parse every detail from someone who has served and paid at a tremendous cost. As someone who personally continues to serve in the military and who has been in combat myself, details and numbers are not easily remembered the same over time after a traumatic experience, such as Mr. Additionally, a repeated topic is the number of fighters attacking the seals and the authors claim it is hard to believe a large force attacking the Seals, given the history of the region.

The Battle of Wanat had a platoon sized outpost nearly overrun after a large attack. I believe one of the authors served in this same unit.


Additionally, the battle of Kamdesh also had a large scale attack in which an outpost was overrun. I understand and respect having a differing political or policy view than Mr. I only know from experience, in knowing a young man and his family from Philadelphia. He was a very intelligent young man and before his death, clearly wished he was just a regular guy and conveyed that to friends.

Joe — First, please read some of other posts to find out why we find this topic so important. Eric C, I have read the other posts on the topic and understand why you think it is important. If ROE and other issues are what is important, sure I got it. But from some of your comments and the content the motivation appears to be more of a political difference and that looks hypocritical. Joe — Yeah, Greg Mortenson. Actually, I hold liberals to a higher standard, since the factual accuracy of their memoirs will matters to the cohesiveness of the entire argument.

I think we wrote three or four articles on Greg Mortenson. Lies in a left-leaning memoir are just as bad a lies in a right-wing memoir. If someone knows of a left leaning war memoirist, please let me know.

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Ok, you are fair on Mortenson and that is good to hear. Mortenson-while its been a few years since I read 3 cups of tea, I found him to be a pacifist, but his political commentary is nothing close to the bluntness of Luttrell. Also, you said you wrote 3 articles on him, yet I counted 27 on Luttrell. That number indicates both an obsessiveness with the topic of Luttrell and also a large disparity on going after a conservative figure vs liberal.

I guess my point is that if you want to offer liberal viewpoints on foreign policy there are many mediums to so.

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I would have wrote a few posts and let it drop. I agree with you.

It perfectly shows that both sides of the political spectrum arm-chair quarterback national security issues. And should.