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And we hear from a Wesleyan group who traveled to Ukraine. What can American students learn from that country? Nevertheless, her little pink house survived the aggressive acquisition campaign by New London Development Corp. Details on how states could apply for federal disaster relief money for U. We talk about her upcoming book, mR40 method , and learn about her unique journey as a wellness coach and Muslim-American.

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Three-quarters of the federal cash that was recently allocated to help families in Eastern Connecticut with crumbling foundations has been diverted by state officials for other needs. Related Program:. We learned a lot. Twink More than 1 year ago Susette Kelo decides to leave her second marriage - her five sons are grown, she has had to struggle much of her life and she just wants to have a little house overlooking the water that belongs to her.

It needs some work, but the view of the water is priceless. She fixes it up slowly while studying for her nursing degree. At the same time pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, just across the river, is looking to expand it's facilities by building a new research and clinical centre. Pfizer is also interested in having suitable housing, shopping and recreational facilities nearby. And here's where two worlds collide.

The NLDC decides that ninety acres, including Susette's neighbourhood, is better suited to Pfizer's needs than that of the people living there. Pfizer will generate jobs and more taxes.

The NLDC invokes eminent domain and decides to take the houses. Eminent Domain is defined as the power of the federal or state government to take private property for a public purpose, even if the property owner objects. The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution allows the government to take private property if the taking is for a public use and the owner is "justly compensated" usually, paid fair market value for his or her loss.

A public use is virtually anything that is sanctioned by a federal or state legislative body, but such uses may include roads, parks, reservoirs, schools, hospitals or other public buildings. Little Pink House is the story of Susette Kelo and her refusal to let her house be taken. In a fight that went to the Supreme Court, the Kelo case is a landmark. Investigative journalist Jeff Benedict has done extensive interviewing, providing coverage of not just Susette's view, but that of the opposing side.

The reader, Maggi-Meg Reed, does an excellent job.

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She captures Susette's defiance, courage and determination perfectly. Her voice also manages to capture the arrogance of the NLDC and those involved with it. I was so captured by this true story. I listened in the car on the way to and from work and had to frequently flip back to the radio as I was so incensed by the arrogance, indifference and downright cruelty shown to the people of the Fort Trumble neighbourhood. Susette, her friends, supporters and their story are such an inspiration, choosing to stand up for their beliefs in a long, protracted ten year battle.

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Little Pink House: A True Story of Defiance and Courage

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Home cleaning schedule and home organizer planner is designed to guide you in a deep Home cleaning schedule and home organizer planner is designed to guide you in a deep clean, as well as assist with your regular housekeeping routine. City officials were thrilled to have landed a Fortune company; at one point the mayor called it "the greatest thing that's ever happened to New London. No public use was envisioned for the new construction. Nearly all of it was to be privately owned and operated.

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Fort Trumbull," he wrote in , itemizing the amenities Pfizer was looking for: "a waterfront hotel with about rooms, a conference center and physical-fitness area, extended-stay residential units, and 80 units of housing. As another Pfizer executive condescendingly told the Hartford Courant : "Pfizer wants a nice place to operate.

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  • We don't want to be surrounded by tenements. Ruthlessly, the NLDC began to obliterate the old neighborhood. Property owners were pressed to sell their homes.

    Courtney Moorehead Balaker, Susette Kelo & David Crosby Talk About The Film, "Little Pink House"

    If they refused, they were told, the city would condemn their property and acquire it by eminent domain. Most of the homeowners, many of them elderly, bowed to the pressure and left. A handful of holdouts, including Kelo, the Derys, and the Cristofaros, refused, and fought city hall all the way to the Supreme Court. Little Pink House is the story of that fight, and it is told with verve and passion by journalist Jeff Benedict.

    Though not a neutral narrative -- Benedict doesn't hide his admiration for Kelo and the other property owners who battled to save their homes -- it is fair and deeply informed. To recreate the small-town political street fight that led to a notorious Supreme Court landmark, the author conducted hundreds of interviews over three years with nearly everyone who played a role in the case. He also reviewed a vast paper trail, from transcripts and government memos to private journals, letters, and e-mails.

    Susette Kelo and her former home in New London. At the heart of Little Pink House are two compelling women. One is Kelo, a fortysomething EMT-turned-nurse who had grown up in poverty and whose sole asset was the fixer-upper on the water she had fallen in love with at first sight. It was the only property she had ever owned and it meant the world to her. The other central figure is Claire Gaudiani, the flamboyant and hard-driving president of Connecticut College, who agreed to lead the NLDC and made it her aim to carry out the most sweeping redevelopment in New London's history.

    A highly accomplished Renaissance woman, Gaudiani tended to be imperious and relentless when pursuing a goal.

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    She insisted that redeveloping Fort Trumbull would be a boon to New London's poor -- she compared her mission at the NLDC to those of Jesus and Martin Luther King -- yet she seemed oblivious to the price Fort Trumbull's homeowners were being asked to pay. A key theme of Little Pink House is the social and economic inequality between those who wanted Fort Trumbull razed and rebuilt -- the powerful Pfizer Corporation, Connecticut Governor John Rowland later convicted in an unrelated corruption scandal , the high-living Gaudiani -- and the far-from-wealthy property owners who went to court to save their homes.

    Most of them had dirt under their nails at the end of the workday. What they didn't have was the pull to prevent New London from dispossessing them for the sake of a powerful company and higher tax revenues.