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Three of their four children live in Orange County, and the fourth lives in adjacent Los Angeles County. Camps amagats. Orange County Jew: a Memoir. Martin Aaron Brower. Taula de continguts.

I was standing in front of the Irvine Marriott Hotel in the early s waiting for the valet to bring my car when I noticed a young lady, briefcase at her side, waiting for her rental car while studying a map. I asked if I could help her, and pointed out on the map where she wanted to go. Thanking me, she inquired as to whether she could ask me a question. I flew in from New York last night, she said. What are all of these tall hotels and office towers doing in the middle of nowhere? Although the City of Newport Beach in Orange County, to which I relocated, is only 60 miles south of West Los Angeles where I then resided, the difference was considered to be the proverbial night and day.

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Over the past more than 35 years since I moved with my family to Orange County, I have frequently been called upon to speak on the subject of what I call Orange County and the Jewish Question. The title typically gets a knowing laugh, because until recent years the term Jewish Orange County was considered to be an oxymoron. No more.

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Today, Orange County, California, has a Jewish population probably well in excess of , — although no accurate demographic study has been taken for many years. Louis or Cleveland — each a long-time, highly Jewish city. In , I published a personal memoir titled Los Angeles Jew: A Memoir, depicting the growth of Jewish Los Angeles from my birth in that city in to the present day.

Now that I have lived in Orange County for the past plus years, I felt that the best way I could communicate the dynamic story of Jewish Orange County — in which I have been deeply involved — is through this second memoir. Dissatisfied with my income as vice president of public relations for the Los Angeles-headquartered national architectural firm of Welton Becket and Associates, I began looking at other opportunities in early at the age of I knew that a decision to leave Welton Becket and Associates would be difficult to make.

Moreover, our spectacular Los Angeles headquarters in Century City was exceedingly comfortable and close to my home, and best of all I had a ridiculously extravagant expense account which I constantly exceeded.

But my basic salary was not keeping up with the times. When Tom Wilck, a professional public relations acquaintance I had known some years earlier in Los Angeles, called me from Orange County about an opening at a firm he had recently joined called The Irvine Company, I told him that I would come to see him.

Now that the series is back on Netflix for season 7, refresh yourself on the background story

But I told him I was coming there only because our architectural firm was doing a project I wanted to see in the Orange County city of Newport Beach, and because I had not seen Tom for a number of years. In truth, I had heard that Tom — who had a public relations agency in Los Angeles before taking a position with the government in Washington, D.

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And I wondered why in the world a sophisticated person such as Tom would take a job in a backwoods area like Orange County, of all places. I had visited The Irvine Company in to plan the opening of a regional retail center called Fashion Island in Newport Beach, which our architectural firm had designed for the Company. The kids will hear that voice in their heads for the rest of their lives.

She hit 28 and spiraled into a depression that led to her suicide after the startup where she worked fizzled. Amy is a product of the culture, too. Her parenting choices were conscious and reflect her upbringing: No TV, no pets, no computer games, no grades under A, no parts in school plays, no complaints about not having parts in school plays, no choice of extracurricular activities, nothing less than top spots in any school class except gym and drama, no musical instruments except piano or violin.

When Lulu had trouble with a tricky piece of music, Chua denied her bathroom breaks and threatened to ship off her dollhouse to the Salvation Army, piece by piece, until she got it right — which she did with pride, mom at her side. When she pushed back at age 13, rejecting the violin, mom allowed for tennis instead, keeping a keen eye on her game.


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As a young adult, Chua said she rebelled in her own way. That was my only power over my father. Practice exams for the SAT began in middle school. Hsieh graduated from Harvard in , co-founded an Internet ad network sold to Microsoft and is now CEO of the online shoe retailer Zappos.

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