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The disciples perhaps had faith in the well crafted boat, the seemingly nice day to be on the lake and their excellent sailing skills.

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All of which were failing them in that moment, hence the crisis. We have moments like this all the time.

Mark 4:35-41

The importance of this concept is revealed as we did further into the story. Were they supposed to have faith in Jesus?

Ok, faith that when you are with Jesus nothing bad will happen? It is our human nature to put our trust or faith in the most obvious, concrete things we know and have come to rely on, and it was no different that day. This is the real crisis. This is where most people live.

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But there is another way! A different realm not visible to the human eye, but real, tangible and exhilarating to the spiritually discerned. I mean, in the months and years the disciples spend with Jesus, they heard him say things that were earth shaking. How about, I am the only way, or, I am sent from above. That one about eating my flesh and drinking my blood was pretty awesome! You never need to lose your faith when you are following Jesus v.

Jesus was not upset by the storm.


Where is Your Faith?

The only thing that upset Him was His disciples lack of faith. After all, He told them they would go over to the other side of the lake. But one thing you cannot do—You cannot face the storm and stop it by talking to it! Only God can do that! I think Jesus just wanted them to trust Him to get them to the other side without drowning. Failure to realize God is in control. WHO lead them into the storm?

Where Is Your Faith?

He lead them into an uncomfortable situation. To put them in a situation where they would be forced to trust Jesus to get through it read Ps. Jesus not only lead them into the storm, He also accompanied them through the storm! Your email address will not be published. Receive news updates via email from this site. Luke text v.

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By comparing the three accounts of Jesus calming the storm we notice Jesus actually asked three questions: 1. No reason to lose your faith. WHEN do people misplace their faith?

When it is put in human appearances. We allow outward circumstances to control our faith. Faith is flourishes when things are going well… when you are healthy… your family is living for God.

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  4. Faith often flounders when storms come… when illness strikes… when finances are depleted… when family is in chaos… when death takes a loved one. When it is put in human agency. Human agency can only do so much. Where do you put your faith when….